5 Benefits of adding Private Sessions to your Practice

By Bonny-lynn

I have been teaching Pilates for over 15 plus years.

In the beginning, my business consisted of over 30 private sessions per week with a very limited number classes. These sessions ranged from clients who came for a private once or twice/week, to clients who did one/month or every 3 months.

Lately, I've noticed a shift to people who primarily only come to group classes, and I'm writing today to explain why adding a private session to the mix can be a game-changer.

1) Private sessions are very personalized.

This may sound obvious, but privates are very detailed and tailored to your unique situation. I'm always saying that it's not enough just to do the movements, it's the how you do them that matters the most. A trained expert can guide you to moving in ways you never felt before.

2) You'll progress very quickly.

It's not uncommon for people to experience significant results (I'm taking elimination or significant reduction of pain or improved movement function) in as little as 5 private sessions. The learning curve can be steep, but with it comes expedited results. If you're feeling stuck in your practice, a private session may be what helps you take your skills to the next level.

3) You'll have a new appreciation for the method

A typical response I hear during a private is "that's so different then what I typically do." Again, this stems down to not being satisfied with just performing the movements, but having a trained eye ensure you're not cheating yourself.

4) You'll never be bored

There's over 500 exercises in the Method and there is always a chance to go deeper, to challenge, to try the same skill upside down with no support? Anyone who is at the top of the game......think NHL Hockey players, concert musicians, principal dancers, Olympic athletes..........they are constantly going back to basics to find new ease and efficiency, as well as challenging themselves to step out of their comfort zone and what they imagine as possible. Private sessions can take you to that place.

5) You'll get more out of your classes

Even just taking one single private session will give you a new found knowledge on how your body moves, what strategies you typically default to, and learn a new way of performing a skill. You can take that knowledge back to your classes and discover that it's a entirely different experience.



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